Intanka® petrochem solutions

Innovation – from the inside out

Intanka® is a revolutionary tank-in-tank innovation transforming the way fuel storage systems are repaired, replaced or upgraded. The benefits of using Intanka®, instead of the conventional tank replacement methods, are immense. The whole process is much quicker, much more cost-effective, and there’s no risk of site contamination. Plus, there’s no need for EPA or Council approvals. Intanka® Tank-in-Tank installations come with a 30-year warranty and are fully compliant with Australian Standards, EPA, WorkCover and WH&S requirements. We are even compliant with USA regulations, UL 1856 & UL 1316 as being a structural fibreglass tank

Intanka® gives you a unique advantage

Intanka® can replace any damaged, old or leaking tank by constructing a completely new, robust double-wall tank inside the existing one.

Made from a reinforced glassfibre laminate, this system uses the Intanka® three-dimensional, open-weave, fibreglass space fabric that is sandwiched between a primary fibreglass layer and an internal fibreglass finishing layer. The interstitial space that’s created between the layers allows for continuous tank monitoring, eliminating the need for costly monitoring systems add-ons.

A manway access is installed onto the tank to easily enable future entry, inspections and cleaning.

An unblemished track record

Since commencing business in 1997, TRL has had zero warranty issues. We are extremely proud of this record, which is testament to our product sophistication and commitment to the highest safety standards.

Your business stays open

Conventional tank replacement can close businesses for up to 6 months. Intanka® is completed within 10-18 days, and you can keep trading throughout the whole process. Choose Intanka® and protect your income, and your customer base.

Minimal disruption

Intanka® removes the risk of site contamination and environmental or remediation costs. There’s no disruption to surrounding buildings, canopies, forecourts or underground infrastructure, and only minor excavation work is required.


Our unique Intanka® product is fully compliant with all Australian regulations, including AS1940-2004, AS 4897-2008, EPA, WorkCover and WH&S industry requirements. We are even compliant with USA Underwriter Laboratories regulations UL 1856 & UL 1316.
Applications for Intanka®

Intanka® double-wall technology is available in various thicknesses and can be installed to suit all specifications.

It’s appropriate for all applications from retail service stations through to bulk fuel storage.

Service Stations

  • Replace leaking tanks
  • Repair of leaking tanks
  • Install double containment to existing tanks
  • Upgrade existing tanks to future-proof against future leaks
  • Ideal for sites with restricted access

Fuel Depots

  • Ideal for bulk storage applications
  • Double containment of existing tanks
  • Protection of tanks against leaking
  • Repair of leaking tanks
  • Appropriate for sites with a high water table


  • Ideal for bulk storage applications, even if the existing tank is pitted, rusted or damaged
  • Repair of leaking tanks
  • Install double containment to existing tanks
  • Protection of tanks against leaking

Other Industry Applications

  • Aviation and marine facilities
  • Defence facilities
  • Industrial installations
  • Commercial installations
  • Chemical storage facilities and water treatment plants