Transport & Logistics

Increase productivity through managed refuelling

For the transport and logistics industry itself, the horizon looks positive as we increase trade agreements oversees, become more mobile through increased travel and escalate the products we buy online, both domestically and internationally.

Companies directly involved in transport and logistics however, are faced with a number of challenges to remain competitive and grow their business. Businesses that achieve growth in the transport and logistics sector over the coming years will figure out how to overcome key obstacles like unpredictable and rising fuel prices.

Rising fuel prices are putting the squeeze on margins, with those companies that are unable or not wanting to pass the increased costs on to customers … mostly smaller, owner operators … finding it particularly difficult to remain competitive.

By implementing agile resource allocation strategies that allow for the purchase and storage of bulk fuel at tactical locations such as a depot or transport yard, planning bulk fuel purchases around price drops and monitoring fuel usage, companies can increase productivity and efficiency.

Relatively simple infrastructure, from a 10,000 litre Fuel-Cell™ self bunded fuel storage tank with integrated tank gauging and fuel management system, can be installed to prevent your fuel reliant-business being at the mercy of unpredictable fuel supplies … including quantity, quality and price.

TRL Engineering has been in operation since 1997 and comprises of an experienced team of petroleum industry professionals who work with companies … small to large … to increase productivity and efficiencies through managed refuelling systems.

Our capabilities include the design, construction and servicing of fuel storage and delivery systems, covering both new and existing infrastructure, as well as above and underground systems. We are particularly proud of our Intanka™ product which is transforming the way fuel storage systems are repaired, replaced or upgraded.

Intanka™ can replace any damaged, old or leaking tank by constructing a completely new, robust double-wall tank inside the existing one.

For the transport and logistics sector TRL Engineering have a number of products which can increase productivity through managed refuelling. This includes our Fuel-Cell™ range of aboveground tanks which can store and dispense Diesel, Biodiesel, ULP and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue®).

For more information on our products and services give us a call on 1300 850 971. Our team welcomes your call regardless of the size of your business.