Fuel Storage & Dispensing

TRL Engineering presents our Fuel-Cell™ range of premium fuel storage and dispensing systems designed specifically for longevity in harsh operating environments. Our range of Bulk Storage Tanks and Portable Fuel Stations, are ideally suited to refuelling on-site machinery, equipment, vehicles and fleets where they operate … saving your business time and money.

The Fuel-Cell™ range incorporates all the features required for safe operation by the end-user including overfill protection, as well as being manufactured to the highest of standards. TRL Engineering supplies the Fuel-Cell™ tank series fitted with dispensing and fuel management system for quick and easy installation with minimum site works.

Contact TRL Engineering for an obligation free assessment of your businesses refuelling practises to see where time and resources can be utilised better by installation of your own Fuel-Cell™.

Increase productivity and efficiency with our Fuel-Cell™
  • Save money through bulk fuel purchases
  • Dispense and monitor usage with access for authorised users only and full usage logs
  • Increase productivity with optimized refuelling procedures
  • Reduce downtime with “On-Demand” 24hr refuelling
  • Quick easy installation where you need it
  • Integrated filtration ensures you’re using clean fuel and not damaging equipment/vehicles
  • Reduce travel and fuelling turnarounds with on-site refuelling
Applications for our Fuel-Cell™

TRL Engineering’s range of Fuel-Cell™ Bulk Storage Tanks and Portable Fuel Stations, are suitable for the following applications:

  • Agribusiness
  • Aviation Facilities
  • Commercial Installations
  • Defence Facilities
  • Fuel Depots
  • Hire & Rental
  • Industrial Installations
  • Marine Facilities
  • Mining & Resources Infrastructure
  • Portable Energy
  • Service Stations
  • Transport & Logistics

… and basically any business that uses bulk fuel!