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Creating trusted partnerships for a sustainable future

Being responsible for sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, whilst delivering effective services can be an enormous undertaking. Often, this can be better managed by connecting with trusted partners through identifying planning and resourcing synergies.

TRL Engineering leads the petrochemical industry in creating effective, user friendly and efficient solutions for bulk fuel storage and delivery systems. Our expert knowledge, engineering insight and product sophistication has earned us an enviable reputation as problem-solving innovators.

TRL Engineering capabilities include the design, construction and servicing of fuel storage and delivery systems, as well as construction and service works for industrial installations, chemical storage facilities, water treatment plants and cooling towers.

TRL Engineering are particularly proud of their Intanka™ product … a revolutionary tank-in-tank innovation specifically designed to minimise operational disruption and costly shutdowns. This unique system eliminates the need to replace leaking or damaged tanks by constructing a brand new high-quality tank inside the existing one.

Intanka® features double-wall technology that enables single-wall steel tanks to be converted into double-contained tanks to prevent future leaks, and allows for continuous monitoring. Intanka® is an efficient and cost-effective way to repair, future-proof or modify all fuel storage systems.


TRL Engineering provides strategic guidance and consultation services in a broad range of industries. We deliver practical and efficient solutions for the safe storage and handling of fuels and chemicals.

We’ll assess how your current systems operate and what’s required to ensure you fully meet all necessary compliance obligations. Through every stage of our consulting process, we remain focused on your business and operational goals.


We deliver complete petrochem solutions for tanks, reticulation and logistics. From design and planning to in-house fabrication, project management, on-site installation and commissioning, TRL delivers innovative engineered solutions that perform safely and reliably.


Australian compliance regulations are continually changing or updating. TRL gives you complete peace of mind that your operation and systems are completely compliant and completely safe.

At TRL, our understanding of Australian Standards and references is second-to-none. We offer thorough and detailed API inspections for tank and fuel system infrastructure, including AS 1940 inspections. We also provide testing schedules, cleaning, monitoring and certification services.

Relatively new to the TRL product offering is the Fuel-Cell™ range of bulk fuel tanks and portable fuel stations designed for installation with minimal site works or relocation as fuelling requirements change. What makes these tanks different to many other portable fuel storage tanks is the industry-leading 6mm thick inner and outer steel construction for asset longevity.

For more information on our products and services give us a call on 1300 850 971. Our team welcomes your call regardless of your location or size of your project.