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TRL’s proven knowledge, engineering insight and product sophistication is second-to-none. We are highly experienced in designing and installing UST (underground storage tank) and AST (above ground storage tank) systems in a broad range of industries. Even in environmentally sensitive, remote or restricted areas, our construction solutions are innovative, proven and reliable.

Intanka® Conversion of Existing Tanks

  • Conversion of underground fuel tank to a 2-compartment tank
  • We engineer and install a fit-for-purpose steel bulkhead in a UST, together with 2 full manways and turrets to allow for installation of new pipework
  • 30-year warranty

Intanka® Double Containment of Existing Tanks

  • Comprehensive Workplace Health, Safety & Environmental Plan covering all work, policies, objectives, standards and responsibilities during construction
  • Monitored tank interstice
  • Guaranteed leak protection
  • Fully compliant with all regulations

Intanka® Fuel Storage System Repairs

  • Repairs to leaking bulk fuel storage tanks with the installation of a fully reinforced glass fibre FRP tank within the old tank
  • Fully compliant with all regulations

Intanka® Fuel Storage Systems

  • Future proofs older fuel storage systems
  • Prevents leaks and site contamination
  • Extends the life of tanks
  • Fully compliant with all regulations

Intanka® Petrochem Solutions

  • The most economical way to replace, upgrade or convert existing tanks
  • All work is completed without the need to shut down operations
  • Fully compliant with all regulations
  • Intanka® product is backed by a 30-year warranty

Bulk Fuel Tanks & Systems

  • Transportable self bunded fuel tanks
  • Fuel system installation
  • Aboveground fuel storage tanks
  • Underground fuel storage tanks

Fuel System Installation

Installation of complete fuel systems for commercial premises, transport operators and mine sites, including:

  • Bulk fuel storage
  • Fuel loading-in
  • Fuel delivery systems

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