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Regulatory compliance is a complex and ever-changing environment. If one regulation update is missed, the consequences can be financially and environmentally dire. You need total confidence that every aspect of your tank and fuel system infrastructure is fully compliant at all times. Our inspections give you just that. We’ll ensure that your operation is fully up-to-date with all relevant safety and compliance standards. And, if any aspect of your operation is found to be non-compliant, we’ll supply full recommendations for its upgrade.

AS1940 Audits – Australian Standard

  • AS1940 fuel system compliance audits, including NDT inspections for the tank shell and tank floor
  • Full recommendations for repairs and fuel system upgrades to reach full compliance, or remain compliant when the regulations are update

Tank & Fuel System Certification

  • API Tank Inspection and testing
  • AS 1940 inspections
  • Compliance audits
  • Tank integrity testing

Tank Cleans

  • Cleaning of above ground and underground storage tanks
  • All tank cleans, with a 100% guaranteed clean tank
  • TRL also performs general tank maintenance and repairs

Tank Inspections

  • API inspections and testing
  • 10-yearly inspections for non-destructive testing to prove the structural integrity of tank shell, floor plates and roof plates
  • Inspections cover various tank components, including valves, vents and other tank fittings
  • Recommendations for the upgrade of any non-compliant aspects is provided in a report

Tank Monitoring and Leak Detection

  • Double containment to existing tanks with interstice monitoring
  • Self bunding of existing tanks, with leak monitoring
  • Supply and installation of tank gauging systems
  • Leak monitoring and detection

Bulk Fuel Tanks & Systems

  • Transportable self bunded fuel tanks
  • Fuel system installation
  • Aboveground fuel storage tanks
  • Underground fuel storage tanks

Fuel System Installation

Installation of complete fuel systems for commercial premises, transport operators and mine sites, including:

  • Bulk fuel storage
  • Fuel loading-in
  • Fuel delivery systems

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