We innovate and construct unique engineering solutions for the petrochem market, Australia Wide.

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TRL Engineering has a proven reputation for developing specialised processes and products that respond to the specific needs of our customers. From petroleum products through to hazardous chemicals, TRL’s engineered solutions perform safely and reliably. Our unique innovations are applicable across a wide range of industries, including retail service stations, fuel depots, transport, mining and defence.

TRL’s benchmark standards in safety and compliance lead the industry. Our rigorous commitment to safety is second to none, giving you the confidence that every TRL product and service fully complies with all requirements.

Intanka® Advantage

Intanka is TRL’s revolutionary tank-in-tank innovation specifically designed to minimise operational disruption and costly shutdowns. This unique system eliminates the need to replace leaking or damaged tanks by constructing a brand new high-quality tank inside the existing one.

Intanka’s double-wall technology enables single-wall steel tanks to be converted into double-contained tanks to prevent future leaks, and also allows for continuous monitoring.

Intanka is an efficient and cost-effective way to repair, future-proof or modify all fuel storage systems. Intanka comes with a 30-year warranty and is fully compliant with AS 4897-2008, API 1631 as well as USA regulations, UL 1856 & UL 1316 as being a structural fibreglass tank.

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Industries and Clients

TRL is highly experienced across a broad range of industries, including Retail Service Stations and Fuel Depots, Aviation, Defence, Mining, Commercial, Manufacturing and the Marine market sector. We work with major oil companies such as Shell, Caltex and BP, a broad range of service station operators, Australian and international airports, and leading mining companies.

Our capabilities within these industries include the design, construction and servicing of fuel storage and delivery systems, as well as construction and service works for industrial installations, chemical storage facilities, water treatment plants and cooling towers.

TRL’s expertise in safely managing challenging environments is proven. We’ve delivered innovative solutions while working within constraints such as restricted access, high security, harsh and remote locations, as well as ecologically sensitive areas.

Engineered Safe

TRL is committed to an engineering standard that places paramount importance on safety. Our excellent safety track record is testament to our highly developed and refined systems and procedures. TRL clients have the peace of mind that all of our products and services rigorously adhere to the highest safety and compliance standards.

We operate in full compliance with Australian Standards, WorkCover and the Environmental Protection Authority, as well as international industry standards, including the American Institute of Petroleum and Underwriters Laboratories.

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